Settings of Standards of view

The form here under is for setting the standard that is used to build the view of test on radial grid.

It is available from the main menu, with the item "Parameters for Standards of View", in the part "Options". You have to be in Administrator mode to see this ligne of this feature in the main menu.

Hearing Test Base - Configuration - Standard of view of test on radial grid
    Here you can :
  • View the list of the availble standards (1). For more information about the standards, see in part "Use Reference", the page : Standards of view
    • Set a Standard as active (2) :
    • Only one Standard can be active at the same time
    • The active Standard is then used to build the curves on radial grid
    • The name of the active Standard is indicated on any view on radial grid
  • The check box "Read Only" tells if this Standard can be updated or not
  • The button "Parameters" opens the form for viewing (and updating if allowed) the parameters of the Standard, for each curbe and each frequency
  • The button with printing icon prints the Standard.
Note : the parameters of Standards are reset at any new installation of the software. If you modify and use some updatable parameters of the Standards, print it to keep safely your parameter values.

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