Reports of the list of persons

The screen of the list of persons allow to print a report of this list.

List of persons - reports

The printed list is the one corresponding to the filtered (and ordered) one.

This way, with the filters, it is possible to print only the part of the list that is needed : the records of persons with the same company, the records of persons which code starts with "XYZ*", etc...

Launch screen for a report of the list of persons

List of persons - reports launch screen

The filter criteria is shown on the screen and will be printed on every page, to avoid any ambiguity between the list that is on the paper and the whole content of the database.

    There are two types of report :
  • Minimal : only the main fields of the records of the persons
  • Full : all the fields of the record of the persons

An example of the report (minimal)

List of persons - report example

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