Hidden records in the list of persons

The list of persons allow to hide some records.

When a lot of records are stored in the database, the list become uneasy to view. This feature allow to hide in the list the records of persons which are not used for a long time.

List of persons - Hidden records

To hide, or set visible, a record of a person, change its status in the right column : set the record to "visible" or "hidden".

    The filter criteria, a the bottom of the list, allow to view the list with :
  • Only the "visible" records
  • Only the "hidden" records
  • All the records
Important : to hide a record does not destroy (suppress) it. The record of the person is still in the database. This feature is only a view filter. When you select the criteria "All the records", all the records of the database are shown in the list.

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