Backup of database files


It is an absolute necessity that you make backups on a regularly basis of the files that contain the data.

The software Hearing Test Base does not do any backup.

It is your responsability to make the backups.

Backup of the data

You only have to close the software and copy the files H_T_B_Data.mdb and H_T_B_Env.mdb on the backup storage device.

The backup storage device can be another hard disk, a burned CD,...

For a backup on a hard disk, it's better that it be on another disk than the running one, or even better, on a disk that is on another PC. If the running hard disk break down, the backup on it could not be used either.

Suggestion for the backup of database files

The files that contain the data are H_T_B_Data.mdb and H_T_B_Env.mdb.

See the page about the configuration for connexion to the data file to see where these files are stored.

We suggest to make a backup of these files oftenly, let's say after having added about 20 tests, or let's say automatically every week or every other week.

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