Hearing Test Base is a software to store and print hearing tests, for Audio-Psycho-Phonology :

  • Graphical type in of the hearing test : simple and very quick.
  • Storing of the files of the persons, with their tests : quickly find back a test among thousands !.
  • Printings of tests : several formats, clean presentation for the client.
See the screenshots of Hearing Test Base or the overview.

The advantages

    The advantages are to improve the APP activity, without suppressing the tests on paper that remain essential to every day tasks :
  • Easy storing of the data
    • Easy search of an old tests of a person
    • no more fastidious work of classifying and search in a cupboard of tests on paper
      Provide a document that is "neat and professionnal" for the test, with colors and instant copies
    • no more need to redraw a clean test with pencils, neither make copies by hand or in black and white photocopy
      Innovate with graphical presentations of the tests
    • the format with radial grid would be very difficult to draw by hand
The users talk about it :

"I have been using the "Hearing Test Base" software for a year, and I am very pleased with it.

Easy to start with and to use, it allows to read the hearing tests quickly and clearly.

The small graphic that shows the good or less good discrimination, that is printed just under the test is very "talking" and meaningfull for the clients.

Also, an advantage of the situation, the persons go with their test immediately. I can also transfer the document by mail to doctors or colleagues with whom I work.

This add practical and professional advantages to my activity."

Martine Delrot. Cabinet de logopédie et d'audio-psycho-phonologie. Rixensart, Belgique.

From the begining... a usefull tool

I developped this software many years ago to provide a good tool for to an Audio-Psycho-Phonology center.

It has now proven it is usefull. It helps a lot for every day work of the APP practionner.

It may be usefull to you too...

Antoine Herzog

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